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Kraken Jiu Jitsu

First Time Members

We are excited for you to come to your first complementary class with Kraken Jiu Jitsu!

Step 1 – Complete the Waiver Application

Step 2 – Read through the Frequently Asked Questions

Step 3 – Join one of the Kraken Classes

Waiver Application

Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes can I attend for free?

We offer one (1) complimentary class to all individuals that are intersted in Jiu Jitsu.

What age do you let kids start Jiu Jitsu classes?

We start kids as young as 6.

Are you accepting new students?

We are a growing family and are excited to welcome new members!

What should I wear to my first class?

You can wear a rashguard / t-shirt and shorts / sweatpants (sportswear) for your first roll whether you attend a Gi or No-Gi class.

How early should I be at class?

Be on time for class (Arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins).

If I'm over 30 and out of shape, should I first get in shape before attending?

We recommend coming in and trying a complimentary class at your convenience. All of our classes are fundamentals focused and for all levels.  Jiu Jitsu is a great way to workout and start the journey of getting into shape!

What are the rules and proper etiquette on the mat?

– Leave your ego outside and be humble and respectful to others.
– Be on time for class (Arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins).
– Put pagers and cell phones on vibrate.
– If you are late approach the instructor prior to joining class.
– Bow to the center of the mat when entering or exiting.
– Remove footwear before stepping on the mats.
– Wear footwear off of the mat.
– Keep quiet while instructor demonstrates techniques.
– No foul language will be tolerated.
– No offensive odors such as unsanitary BO, tobacco, ammonia, etc.
– Students must wear the appropriate uniform for class.
– Wear a Gi that is clean with no rips, tears, holes, or stains. No mismatching of the kimonos. Camouflage is reserved for active or prior service veterans.
– Women are required to wear at least a sports bra under Gi top (rash-guards are recommended) along with athletic undergarment under Gi bottoms. Men with excessive body hair are required to wear a rash-guard.
– Rash-guards are mandatory for NO GI class.
– Proper hygiene is required when going from one class to another.
– Keep uniforms and gear clean (wash Gi after every class).
– Proper personal hygiene is required (this includes guest that are in the spectator area).
– Keep finger and toe nails cut short at all times, hands and feet must be clean.
– Long hair must be worn in a controlled way so that it does not interfere with either themselves or their opponent.  Hair must be restricted above the shoulders.
– Remove all jewelry and piercings before class. No metal objects may be worn on the mats.
– Male white belts are to NOT pair up with female students unless directed by an instructor.
– Give higher ranked belts preferred space during sparring.
– Be aware of your surroundings and maintain a safe environment when training.
– Use proper tap out procedures, Remember it is only a training session.
– Open cuts must be covered at all times.
– Show courtesy before and after each sparring session.
– Mouth guards are encouraged during sparring.
– If you are sick, stay home.
– You are responsible for your child’s behavior if he/she is not participating in class,
– What you learn is taught for your development not only as a student, but also as a citizen and should be used as a last resort when everything else has failed.
– Respect those you train with and your instructors. Rank is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. Respect the training facility.
– Don’t leave the mat without notifying the instructor.

Kraken Class

Kid Classes

Ages 6 – 13*
Classes are offered 4 nights a week for kids starting at age 6 through 13. Classes are focused on fundamentals and are a powerful component in building self-confidence and the ability to learn how to defend themselves.
*Children under 6 will be considered on a case-by-case basis


Monday 6:15PM – 7PM
Tuesday 6:15PM – 7PM
Thursday 5PM-5:45PM, 6:15PM – 7PM
Friday 6:15PM – 7PM


Fundamentals Classes for All Members

Homeschool Class

Our Homeschool program is offered to area homeschool families as an extracurricular activity that the whole family can enjoy together. Kids and adults alike participate in our Homeschool program and enjoy the opportunity to learn effective self-defense while socializing with one another.

Tuesday 1PM – 2PM
Thursday 4PM – 5PM, 5PM-5:45PM


Fundamentals Classes for All Members

Adult Classes

Ages 14 – 94
Our Adult Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is focused on self-defense tactics and effective utilization of techniques that allow an individual to control anyone in any situation, given enough mat time. You will get in shape, learn an incredibly effective self-defense martial art, while connecting with some of the best members of our local community.
Monday 6AM – 7AM, 7PM – 8PM
Tuesday 7PM – 8PM
Thursday 6AM – 7AM, 5PM-5:45PM, 7PM – 8PM
Friday 7PM – 8PM


Fundamentals Classes for All Members